Medical massages

MedTIM Private Clinic is offering a variety of massage techniques. Below you may read further about the characteristics and specifications of each massage technique.

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Massage therapy

is a traditional and most common type of massage, which is done according to the wishes and needs of the patient, whether to the individual parts of the body or to the whole body. The main purpose of the massage is to improve tissue oxygenation and remove toxins from the body, which in turn speeds up the metabolism, restores lost energy reserves, corrects muscle tone, improves skin elasticity and condition, and stimulates blood and lymph circulation. Massage brings extra blood to the treated area and relieves muscle pain. Massage therapy is recommended during a stressful period and in case of overall fatigue and ailments. Massage therapy is also suitable for people who are plagued by headaches, and have problems with sleep and stress. Massage therapy is also suitable in combination with sports massage or cup massage. To obtain better results, massage therapy should be gone through in sessions: 5 to 10 times with 4-7 day intervals.

Lymphatic Massage

is a superficial massage affecting the skin and the hypodermic tissues, which stimulates the lymph flow and improves the cellular waste removal from the body. The lymphatic circulation is slowed down during the lack of exercise, exhaustion, and working in a fixed physical position. Lymphatic massage can be useful in cases of oedema, circulatory disorders, and metabolic diseases. For example, it is frequently used to relieve the swelling of legs caused by varicose veins and narrowed lymph vessels, as well as in case of facial swelling and oedema caused by trauma, and for the treatment of scars. Lymphatic massage is a very gentle type of massage.

Cup Massage

The vacuum-sucking impact created with the rubber cups is the uniqueness of this massage technique. The vacuum improves the circulation of fluids, reduces muscle tension and improves blood circulation. Cup massage trims the skin, cleanses the pores and reduces cellulite. This massage technique is also suitable in combination with classical massage.

Kinesio Taping

is used in case of a congested or traumatised muscle oedema, which results in the slow-down of the lymphatic and blood circulation. The tape aids to lift the skin and thereby increases the space below it. This improves the circulation of lymphatic fluids and blood circulation, and the pressure on the body’s nociceptors decreases. The tape normalises the muscle tone and supports the self-healing process of the muscle tissue. The tape can be worn for 3-5 days, and it will withstand showering without coming off. It is used for the shoulder, the shoulder-blade, and the neck region, as well as for the muscles and other regions of the body. The tape is applied on dry, clean, and shaved skin in order to ensure the maximum efficiency.

Sports Massage

represents a complex of specific techniques that improve the athletic performance, prepare the athlete for continuous active muscular exercise, and accelerate the recovery processes. The massage is based on three principles: timing, technique, and the aim. Sports massage is suitable for people with different types of physical exertion and heavy workload, as well for those who perform squatting positions, run or lift, and work with heavy weights. The massage technique focuses on different muscle groups, such as the shin muscles and / or the upper back and abdominal muscles, and doing that individually for each person.

Paediatric Massage

is a light massage based on gentle strokes, which stimulates the blood circulation and digestion, encourages the lymph and immune system, improves the muscle coordination, stimulates the central nervous system, and improves the condition of the skin. The parent may learn the massage techniques alongside the masseuse in order to continue massaging the child already by herself at home. A referral from a doctor is not necessary for the procedure.

Honey Massage

has an effect on people at two levels – the physical and the energetic. At the physical level – improves blood circulation in deeper layers of the skin and in the muscles located underneath, provides the body with the necessary bioactive substances, absorbs toxins and contribute to their removal from the body. Honey massage stimulates the lymphatic system and promotes the skin’s natural cleansing. At the energetic level it works primarily at the level of the etheric body, adjusting of which will contribute to the healing of the physical body. Honey is used as an “adhesive” that removes contaminated energy for effecting the purification of energy channels and the free flow of energy is restored. Honey massage is done first on the back area. The massage technique might be slightly painful for delicate and sensitive skin. Honey massage does not suit for patients who are allergic to honey. Natural honey is used for the procedure.

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